We partner with key executives internally to drive immediate and sustainable change in business decision-making within your management team. These improvements will be aligned to ROCE or EBITDA improvement strategies the exco has.

The COVID-19 crisis is crippling businesses. With reduced sales and similar cost structures, survival now and into the future depends largely on your line managers thinking and executing more effectively. Our interactive live online workshop and system of opportunity analysis, will allow your line managers to identify opportunities to grow revenue and reduce costs, both now and into the future.


In this short live online course, your line managers will be coached in real time through the content and their application projects. The course consists of six 1-hour sessions over two weeks, culminating in each manager solving a cost or revenue challenge. They will present their project, complete with a business case, a financial analysis and action steps, to you and other executives.

  • Session 1
    o Driving shareholder and customer value – understanding the need to create value for both stakeholders in these challenging times
    o The “Me (Pty) Ltd” model – this is about all managers taking personal responsibility for their departments and running them as if it was their own company
  • Session 2
    o Income Statement (P&L) and Balance Sheet models used to contextualize cost reduction and start looking at big opportunities affecting working capital
    o Looking deeper into stock, debtors and creditors, for improvement opportunities
  • Session 3
    o Value Chain Analysis – analysing the business as a system of inter-related parts. Then looking at each department as if it were a business
    o Drivers and Constraints analysis – identifying what is helping and hurting our business right now, and where the improvement focus should be
    o Case study application
  • Session 4
    o Value Chain deep dive – 10 questions for each part of the value chain
    o Ansoff’s expansion matrix – looking for opportunities to bring in new revenue, diversify, add value, etc
    o Exploring opportunities to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and increase revenues
  • Session 5
    o Profit Steps Model – 9 strategies to increase profitability, incorporating a breakeven analysis framework to guide spending decisions
  • Session 6
    o Profit Steps case study and application
    o Introduction of Business Improvement Project and expected deliverables
  • Business Improvement Project dry run and coached presentations after a week – I will personally coach each manager in their development of an idea to final presentation. This will involve checking the idea is credible, checking the numbers are accurate and ensuring they are ready to present to manco/exco
  • Final presentations two days later


In a short period of under a month, your management team are taken through the fundamentals of business and financial calculations to improve their decision making. They will adopt an ownership mindset as they approach your business.

The final outcome will be a Business Improvement Project completed by each manager so that your business is better prepared for the challenging times ahead.