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How We Do It

In essence we:

  • Understand your strategy and strategic drivers
  • Run immersive business simulations for managers, staff and sales people
  • Apply the learning in a bespoke way to your business during the workshop
  • Deliver a minimum 10X ROI through Profit Improvement Projects within two months of the workshop
  • Support delegates learning and knowledge retention for one year after the workshop, using our Digital Coach process.
What we do

Our business training workshops combine immersive action-learning simulations and financial literacy, with a practical delivery and implementation style. This enables your staff to take a fun and interactive role in their learning experience. The same way a fighter pilot hones his or her skills in a flight simulator, your sales and management teams will hone their business decision-making skills in our business simulations.

In our simulations, competing teams address increasingly complex opportunities and challenges. Teams make decisions with the resources they have, implement these decisions, measure the outcomes and financial results, and then reflect on what worked and what needs to be improved. This provides a safe learning environment where mistakes are encouraged and are a powerful part of the group’s learning process. The principles learned are then applied to business opportunities to drive real and measurable outcomes.

We aim to achieve a 70:20:10 time split in the learning journey. This is 70% learning from experience, 20% learning from others and 10% structured learning.

These simulations are used to cascade your strategy and business drivers throughout your organisation. Profit improvement projects are implemented and key learning points from the training are cemented over the next year, by our Digital Coach process.

We supplement the business acumen knowledge with key managerial, supervisory and sales related workshops to ensure more well-rounded managers or sales teams.


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