Middle and senior managers will be able to add greater value to your business by using tools to identify and evaluate opportunities with their peers, create action plans to implement these ideas, measure the financial impact and continuously improve this process.

Managing Profitably will enable your managers to become really clear on your strategic priorities and how your business makes money. They will learn how to make better business decisions to impact this money making process and execute your strategy.

Our Managing Profitably workshop uses the combination of an immersive business simulation together with business tools and finance theory to improve the commercial acumen of your management team. This enables managers to think, act, and manage more profitably.

We then apply this learning through a customized process to your business. Apart from increased business and financial acumen and better business decision-making, the key outcome is the implementation of a Profit Improvement Project within their business unit. This guarantees a return on your training investment. Managing Profitably is a two-day workshop.