Personal finance issues are a major cause of workplace stress and lack of focus, contributing to lower performance and people leaving companies for more pay. This decreases the business’ talent pool and adds to the ongoing recruitment and training costs and efforts.

Personal Finance

We believe that only when people are equipped with the information relevant to them, are the able to make the right financial decisions every day of their life. For many employers, financial stress leads to tremendous amount of lost productivity as employees struggle with their health and concentration under the burden of money worries.

3M Training has teamed up with a qualified Chartered Financial Planner to bring your staff, at all levels, a practical, hands-on workshop to understand personal finance, debt, budgeting and investing. Our aim is to help your staff build stable financial habits going forward, and experience the security this brings them and your business.

We pride ourselves on HumanSpeak – the ability to explain complex concepts in a human manner with no financial jargon and no maths. We use adult learning concepts and HBDI whole brain thinking techniques to ensure that all thinking styles are accommodated. The response is always one of profound gratitude for the empowerment that this knowledge brings.

The core modules covered are:

  • The money mindset
  • Dealing with all aspects of debt
  • Saving, creating more and the marvels of compound interest
  • Retirement and investing
  • Funerals, life insurance and wills

The learning outcomes are:

  • What it takes to change your money habits
  • The cost of debt and how to get out of it
  • Clever ways to save more money using behavioral economics
  • How to make your money grow
  • How to invest for retirement
  • How to protect the wealth you’ve build

Personal Finance is a one-day workshop.