Transition your sales team into a team of business consultants with a deep understanding of the role they play in their clients’ businesses. Knowing this increases sales and sales margins. These together increase your profitability.

In order to sell more effectively and win in an increasingly competitive market, your sales team need to have business savvy and to understand a) how their clients business works and how your products influence their business, value chain and profitability, b) the impact that margins and volumes have on your business’ profitability, and c) the importance of an outward mindset and strong people skills.

The two workshops we run for sales staff are designed to help them transition from thinking like a traditional “sales person” to more of a business consultant mindset. We raise your sales teams’ business and financial acumen so they can improve the role they play in their client’s business, and sell more profitably. Secondly, we raise their level of personal effectiveness and professionalism in the market.

Selling Profitably

In Selling Profitably we use an immersive business simulation to provide a practical context for understanding and improving your clients’ business. The sales team will learn to analyse how your products impact on their customers’ cash flow, profitability, assets, and different areas of their value chain. In addition to this, the impact that volumes and margins (especially discounting) have on your profitability. This learning is then applied to their sales environment using business and financial models.

Rather than replacing, this supports any sales methodology your sales team currently use. Having unique ideas on how to help your customers make and save money by using your product or service, is started by learning what questions to ask, and what to listen for. This uncovers the clients’ business drivers behind the purchase, and aligns your solution to their strategic objectives. In the end, your sales team will use their business acumen to close more deals at a higher margin.

Each person leaves with clearly identified opportunities, discussed and shared with the team for knowledge sharing purposes, to improve sales using a Sales Development Plan. Selling Profitably is a two-day workshop.

Personal Leadership And Sales Fundamentals

This is not a basic selling skills type course. It is designed to help your sales team improve their sales effectiveness in your unique sales environment. The bespoke workshop content covers a range of modules including personal branding; the goal orientated sales mindset; prioritising models linked to their KPI’s; creating powerful habits; good communication skills; skills to improve their sales effectiveness; people skills; and consulting tools. Personal Leadership and Sales Fundamentals is a two-day workshop.