Supervisors and Team Leaders are the axis of any business: they pivot between management and their team; and between internal suppliers and customers in your value chain. Helping them become more effective can rapidly realise financial and customer benefits.

Our unique approach to supervisory development is a radical departure from traditional training. One that changes behaviour and builds confidence in executing business improvements.

Supervising Profitably

The supervisory development programme is designed to deliver one thing, and that is confident supervisors who know how to get results, while driving profit upwards.

This programme will add an impactful toolkit to your supervisors’ leadership development and the ability to deliver results. Its outcomes build leadership competencies and aim to increase quality, volume and lower operational costs. It is practical, experiential and leaves behind all the traditional classroom style methods of getting supervisors to change, add value and become more effective, which in the past have proven to be ineffective due to differing education levels.

 During the simulation part of the programme, your supervisors or team leaders gain an understanding of how a business works, makes money and becomes profitable, so they can apply this knowledge in your business. These insights and skills are learned through a business simulation in which competing teams address increasingly complex opportunities and challenges; make decisions with the resources they have; implement them; measure the results and financial outcome and then reflect on what worked and what needs improvement. The Value Chain is the main tool that is used.

Supervisors then apply the knowledge acquired in the simulation to identify opportunities to improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs. Each person develops one potential opportunity into a project for implementation. In this process, supervisors from different departments support each other and begin breaking down the silos in your business. These opportunities are discussed with colleagues and then presented to management before being implemented. The projects ensure the training ROI you are looking for. Supervising Profitably is a two- day workshop.

Getting Results

In this one-day workshop, we build competence in your supervisors/team leaders to deliver the results that are expected of them by senior management. This repetative cycle includes:

  • recieving tasks from their manager and clarifying uncertainty
  • communicating these tasks and outputs required to their team
  • managing the work and outputs required by the manager
  • feeding back accurately to their manager on the teams results
  • all this, while managing internal supplier and customer relationships.

This day of mini-simulations and case studies builds incrementally and equips the supervisors to actually do this. After each round of application, the supervisors are peer reviewed. This further re-enforces the process and makes the leadership and team management components implicit in our methodology.