The Business of HR is a customized business acumen simulation for HR managers and their teams. The workshop equips you and your HR team to add great value to your business by understanding how HR contributes to different profit levers and how all HR staff can be instrumental in the value and profit creation process.

The Business of HR

Professor Peter Cappelli, director of The Wharton School’s Center for Human Resources said “The most frequent and persistent criticism is that HR can’t connect to the language of finance, which defines how business operates. Every HR professional can ensure that this doesn’t hold true for himself or herself by developing business acumen.”

An HR manager and HR department that demonstrate effective business acumen understand their organization’s operations and functions, the industry landscape and how to contribute to its profitability through successful strategy implementation. But they also use that information daily to make effective business decisions.

Business acumen is a critical part of HR success. Improving this skill will increase the value HR adds to your company.

Some of the key outcomes from The Business of HR are::

  • Understanding how your business makes money and where you can contribute to this money making process
  • Showing how HR is strategically important to your company’s core business functions.
  • Present information in a way that makes the business case for HR
  • Using a variety of resources to learn more about your organization’s business and its operational functions
  • Making HR decisions that align with your organization’s business goals, strategy and different stakeholder expectations
  • Market HR successes and contribution internally
  • Navigate corporate culture based on a better understanding of how your organization’s  business works.

The Business of HR is a two-day workshop.