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What Makes Us Different

A 10X ROI guarantee

With the new business acumen knowledge acquired, and customised application to your business through our Profit Improvement Projects, we guarantee you a ten times return on your training investment in the project value presented to the executive management panel. These projects would be based on either an increase in sales revenue or a reduction in operational costs.

We incorporate your strategy

We incorporate your strategy and strategic drivers into our simulation and application processes.

This ensures your managers, staff and sales team understand your strategy and how they can personally contribute to its execution and success.

An immersive experience, not death by PowerPoint

Managers, staff and sales people learn about business and decision-making by actually running a simulated business and experiencing the effects of their decisions. You can’t learn business from a PowerPoint lecture!

Useful toolkit and lasting impact

The practical analysis and decision-making models build confidence and ensure application in the workplace.

Through new ways of working and improved performance, there is a lasting impact on delegates’ careers.

Our Digital Coach on-going monthly education program re-enforces the key learning points and ensures on-going application for a year after the workshop.

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3M Training

3M Training leverages proven tools and unique learning methodologies to develop an integrated, customised roadmap that delivers the best learning solution for your organisation.

What can 3M Training do for your business?

Develop your key staff and accelerate business results by partnering with 3M Training for the best learning solution for your organisation.
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